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Haviland consuelo de

Haviland consuelo de

Haviland consuelo de

Haviland consuelo de

Haviland consuelo de

However, while the international situation calmed a little, the line was abandoned, without much explanation at all.

  • After one of Reinhardt's assistants saw her perform in Saratoga, he offered her the second understudy position for the role of.

  • When he learned that she had won the lead role of in a school fund-raising production of 's , he told her that she had to choose between staying at home, or appearing in the production and not being allowed home.

  • Filmed between August 5 and October 29, 1935, Captain Blood gave de Havilland the opportunity to appear in her first costumed historical romance and adventure epic, a genre to which she was well suited, given her beauty and elegance.

The play closed after 45 performances.

  • She also attended tributes to Gone with the Wind.

  • En 1965, elle devient la première femme à être au.

  • По её собственному утверждению, она стала страстной поклонницей России с 12 лет, когда прочитала роман «» Александра Дюма.

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