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Sexy wiesn

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What will travel be like in 2022?

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Wiesn sexy The Oktoberfest

Wiesn sexy The dirndl:

Wiesn sexy Oktoberfest Dirndl

Wiesn sexy

Wiesn sexy

Wiesn sexy

Wiesn sexy

Wiesn sexy

Unbelievable but true: Many people take extra holiday to be able to work at the Wiesn.

  • The cozy old towns in places like Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Heidelberg or even Hameln in Lower Saxony pictured are particularly beautiful.

  • But what to wear underneath? A jacket is therefore a must with every outfit.

  • After a few minutes the whole thing is done and the participants will leave with a great souvenir.

Bind the apron strings on the left or right, depending on your relationship status.

  • Slur along to the most popular tunes - with German and English lyrics, and videos.

  • Between the Black Forest and the Rhine River, you can spot the first plants blooming around this time of year.

  • This is what we now recognize as a dirndl dress.

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