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Retired Female Wrestlers That Should Consider Posing In Their Birthday Suit

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She then went on to the main roster to compete full-time, and the wrestler changed her ring name to Victoria.

  • She collaborated with Elite London.

  • Except one crucial component, she couldn't wrestle to save her life.

  • During her wrestling heel days T.

She allegedly did not send a limo for him to make an appearance and sent him a suit three sizes to big before another important event.

  • Along with Camila Pitanga, the performer gained recognition for their acting on Brazilian telenovelas.

  • Even though yes, she had posed in a birthday suit before, just imagine doing so in her 50s, admit it, you're a little intrigued? She was also once involved with Alex Rodriguez, but that relationship ended as well.

  • Lita was always the alternative Diva, the one who dressed like a tomboy, wrestled like the boys, and didn't do things the conventional way.

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