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Sex with frenulum breve

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How do you treat frenulum breve?

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Frenulum sex breve with Frenulum Breve

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Frenulum sex breve with Penis Frenulectomy.

Removing the Frenulum

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  • In fact, one of them specifically told me at it had nothing to do with my prostate.

  • The most common two types of circumcisions are partial and complete.

  • However, if you notice pain or decreased sexual pleasure due to incomplete foreskin retraction, you should consult a urologist about treatment options.

Frenuloplasty (Frenulectomy) of the Penis for Treatment of Short Frenulum

When the frenulum is lengthened, penile tension and sensitivity may be decreased.

  • If you pull back on your foreskin and the tip bends down, then you have a short frenulum.

  • The doctor should perform a physical examination to assess the problem and the degree of it.

  • I decided to research the problem i was having and found out that i did infact have a frenulum breve.

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