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  • Sarah felt that the case could have been handled better, and that the welfare of teachers in her position could have been better taken care of.

  • Escondido police hunted the suspect down for months and then took even more time to crack the password on his iPhone, where 2100 photos and videos of random women were stored, Lt.

  • Mr Kalaithasan added that Ho was not making any excuses for his actions and asked only for forgiveness, mercy and a lenient sentence.

Madam Lena Lim, 45, a business assistant and mother of a 19-year-old daughter, said that during her secondary school days, male students would try to peep under female teachers' skirts using mirrors as they walked past them in class.

  • Christian Stevenson, a former social studies teacher and varsity golf coach at Rockville High School in Vernon, was arrested Monday on child pornography and voyeurism charges,.

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