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It was like we were Skyping.

  • She has been nominated for seven , including one for and six for , winning in 2016 and 2017.

  • She's a self-professed super-fan of breakfast, telling it is her favorite meal of the day.

  • In the three-minute clip, the 27-year-old creator, star, and exhibitionist gets grief from the 30-year-old cast-member, who thought they had agreed to 'wear the same outfit.

But so many people have been wondering about the picture of Jones hugging McKinnon from behind and also sparked their dating rumor.

  • Kate McKinnon sexy pictures Her father died when she was 18.

  • I am just quite an insular person, I guess.

  • There's also no denying that there's even more than meets the eye to this comedian-slash-actor, as is often the case with people so inherently interesting and, real talk, charmingly bizarre.

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