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Picasso eduardo

He met another woman, Dora Maar, who became his lover.

  • Later the family moved to La Coruna northern part of Spain.

  • In addition, even though one might not like his works, one cannot deny that without Picasso, modern art and the world would be much poorer, so that is why I decided to write about one of my favorite artists of all times, the unique Pablo Picasso.

  • His lifestyle changed and he started to move around the high society circles because of her connections, and Picasso was no longer living a bohemian life that he was used to.

He could not finalize his divorce with Olga and Marie-Therese was pregnant with his child.

  • Digital 2008 Cantores Amicitiae Coro de Cámara de RumaniaFormato: 40 x 60 cm.

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