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Chanel date code

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Dating Chanel: a Guide to Chanel Jewelry Date Marks

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Guide to: how to read Dior date codes

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The Ultimate Guide to Dating Chanel Jewellery

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Chanel Authentication Guide & Serial Codes

We always stand behind our bags and guarantee 100% authentication on everything we sell.

  • This will will help eventually differentiate the superfakes from the authentic ones.

  • If the battery is completely discharged or low the centre second hand on some watches will begin jumping four seconds faster , we recommend taking it to our expert watchmakers as soon as possible.

  • Its popularity was nearly instantaneous, but along with the fame came counterfeiting concerns.

A Quick Guide to Chanel Serial Numbers

Chanel is just one of many luxury brands trying to counteract the ongoing counterfeit market.

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  • Our professional in house authenticators are very familiar with Chanel and with the hologram and authenticity card from every series.

  • Each clear tape has two significant features: a line of the brand name 'Chanel' in capital letters that is repeated on its right side and dark lines on the left.

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