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Once the medication wears off, he breaks out.

  • Mac and Charlie get done being painted by the two women and are set to paint them in return, but are approached by two of the frat guys who force them to leave, since they're not in the frat.

  • Waitress: You have a bad attitude when you're drinking, you huge-footed slut.

  • They are quickly sidetracked by Mac into yet another debate on whether or not Natural Selection and Evolution is real.

Later in the episode, Dennis, Mac, and Charlie attend a local amateur wrestling show and hire the star of the show, Da'Maniac, to be in their own show.

  • Bill Ponderosa is a classic example, being a lazy, overweight.

  • Dee: I will eat your babies,! Charlie is obsessively in love with the Waitress, who despises him.

  • Danny DeVito is a Bernie Sanders-supporting progressive who's consistently endorsed him in all of his runs for public office and has frequently been a campaign surrogate for him, in addition to his philanthropy for small theatres.

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