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12 Signs You Are A Sapiosexual ‚ÄĒ Someone Who Is Physically And Mentally Turned On By Smart People


Nothing is attractive about screaming your name to someone you met three minutes ago on the dance floor.

  • De hecho, hay personas que no se sienten atra√≠das hacia otras por el f√≠sico sino que es la admiraci√≥n o el intelecto lo que les hace acercarse a otras personas con el fin de entablar una relaci√≥n de pareja.

  • If someone you care for does not share this intellectual thirst with you, you find yourself losing interest quickly.

  • They feel aroused and open to engaging in physical intimacy upon having intellectual conversations with a potential partner.

While some people list intelligence as one of many possible turn-ons, others absolutely need intellectual stimulation for sexual arousal.

  • What do you call someone who is attracted to personality? If I find a person physically or otherwise attractive, but they seem stupid, I lose all attraction.

  • If you're sapiosexual, intelligence is key, and a lack of smarts is a deal breaker, but you can also find other aspects of a person attractive as well, as long as they are accompanied by intelligence.

  • At a certain time in my life, I would have said it makes dating difficult, but now I appreciate being selective.

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