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Alex has two mommies

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Advertising is key since there are so many competing coins on the market, so figuring out how to appeal to the target demo is crucial.

  • I feel like, Bitcoin's a forcing function for a lot of things, but I think it's a forcing function for financial literacy in general.

  • If you're hungry, try the Sbarro cult.

  • Let us start dreaming, building our dreams up in this place.

Alex Horton Blog: whatever comes to my mind: FROM RED ROVER TO HAS TWO

I've been encouraged to see, it's almost like, anybody that comes into Bitcoin gets those orange-colored lenses and see the world differently.

  • Going against her wishes Alex, and the player break him out of prison and take him to the Primeval Tree in South Hoof in an attempt to find Concorde's new incarnation.

  • Seriously, this picture brings us so much joy.

  • He wears a white curly wig and runs the group from a leaky submarine where they serve as recurring villains for several episodes.

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