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When I mentioned I was fluent in Spanish, they became even more aggressive.

  • Because who cares about future employment? These things are just as shocking and messy as urine.

  • Growing up, being racially conscious was not part of my nature.

  • The people who saw the first instance of bubbling, by the way, were maybe not as enthused as the young man in question.

I also came out to my best, straight male friend, of whom I had absolutely no physical attraction to, whatsoever.

  • In that case, more power to you! This fad accomplishes none of those things and fails as a trend, fake or otherwise.

  • My own father tried to teach me how to play soccer, but gave up when he realized that my body type was meant for video games, not sports played on grassy fields.

  • Bear Grylls drank urine and ate fecal matter to survive, but what's the point if there's nothing at stake.

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